Jeff Hoebee


I am a Mortgage Loan Officer for 27 years, father of 4 children, football coach to my youngest child, blessed grandfather, and a lucky husband to my beautiful wife Denise, who is an amazing realtor.

In the beginning of my career, it became very clear that credit scores were a big part of getting qualified not only for a mortgage loan but credit cards, car insurance, and much more. Learning that this 3-digit number is one of the most vital parts of a person’s financial status inspired me to dig deeper and find an industry expert I could learn from. That person was Linda Ferrari, who taught me the ins and outs of how the credit score algorithm calculated FICO scores. This powerful knowledge helped me raise a countless amount of my clients’ credit scores in as little as 30 days. 

After gaining experience and becoming an industry expert myself, I was given the opportunity to speak at seminars and event to educate individuals on the home purchasing process, foreclosures, short sales, rehab mortgages, and of course credit scores and repair. It is my life’s work to be the one person to help others when they were turned down by everyone else and giving them the feel of accomplishment and joy of home ownership!

I treat every client as a family member and in doing so I make sure to educate them as much as I can about all aspects of their product. I am always looking to improve in my business and help people improve in their own businesses by giving them tools to be successful.

I can be seen every Sunday on on my Masters of Homeownership Show. Also all my previous episodes for the last year can be downloaded to watch or listen to anytime.

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